Company Profile



  • inspiring development was established to create a highly specialized provider of management, consultancy and training services to banks and other financial institutions geared to serving micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets.
  • We seek to have a lasting impact on the development of our clients’ businesses by helping them to build market position, enhance performance, or solve problems quickly.
  • We want our company to be valued by our business partners for its integrity, transparency and reliability.


  • Our team of high-caliber professionals can draw upon a wealth of both operational and management experience gained in all areas of banking and institutional development and in a range of countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
  • Our experience as former line managers, executives and supervisory board members allows us to provide services that are tailored to fit the institutional context and business strategy of our clients.
  • Our shared vision and strength as a team enable us to deal confidently and efficiently with challenging tasks


  • As managers, we take responsibility for the overall development of an institution, and thus for ensuring its successful growth, consolidation or turnaround.
  • As management consultants, we help our clients to address managerial challenges, increase management capacity and enhance overall institutional performance.
  • We build staff capacity by providing training ourselves or developing training capacity in our clients’ institutions.
  • Through our technical consultancy services we help to improve the efficiency and reliability of all functional areas, and can also broaden the range of products and services provided by an institution.


  • In everything we do, we have a strong people focus. The performance of an institution is largely dependent on the competence and motivation of its staff. Systems and technical solutions will only enhance productivity, service quality and performance if they are used by knowledgeable, well-trained personnel.
  • Our services are designed to address tasks in a practical, (cost-) efficient manner. We strive to develop intelligent solutions for our clients by reducing complexity and focusing on key issues.