Management Consultancy


In its role as a provider of management consultancy services, inspiring development

  • Builds management capacity
  • Assists institutions in successfully coping with managerial challenges
  • Helps the board and senior management to gain strategic clarity

inspiring development’s experts serve as management consultants to financial institutions focusing on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. As advisers to the management or the supervisory board, senior staff members of inspiring development help institutions to successfully implement various objectives such as

  • Improving overall performance
  • Reviewing or adjusting their strategy
  • Restructuring and institutional turnaround
  • Upgrading MFIs into banks
  • Enhancing individual managers’ leadership skills and strengthening management teams

As management consultants, inspiring development’s specialists serve in various roles and in engagements ranging from limited, short-term assignments to long-term contracts. Regardless of our specific tasks or the length of the company’s assignment, we are guided by the following four goals:

  • To bring strategic clarity to the institution
  • To promote good working relationships among the members of the management team and good communication within the institution
  • To help set clear priorities and organize implementation processes – including systematic follow-up – so as to facilitate achievement of those priorities, and
  • To assist the management in making difficult decisions.

Our main objective is always to build capacity at senior management level in order to ensure that our involvement has a lasting impact. At the same time, we invariably take a broader view of our role, seeking to identify potential for performance improvements in individual areas.