Operating Financial Institutions


As a management services provider (operator), inspiring development can achieve a lasting improvement in the performance of your business by

  • Assigning highly experienced, reliable staff to serve in senior management positions
  • Furnishing clear strategic guidance and support
  • Providing know-how and assistance in all functional areas

inspiring development offers clients a comprehensive management services package under which it assumes full responsibility for the development and performance of the institution. The range of entities that we serve includes smaller sized microfinance institutions as well as larger full-service banks oriented towards small and medium-sized enterprises.

graphic management servives

If we are engaged to operate a financial institution, we cover all of the functions that are typically performed by the parent company of a banking group. And, if required, inspiring development can furnish a complete senior management team. In any case, whatever the scope of our involvement, we give ongoing guidance and support to local management staff to ensure strategic clarity and facilitate their continuing professional development.

Targeted technical support is provided by our team of experienced specialists. They develop close working relationships with their local counterparts, supplementing the contact maintained from our Frankfurt office with regular on-site visits. Alongside technical input in the areas of business development, risk management and back office functions, our support services can also include assistance in the acquisition and management of debt financing.

Our commitment to achieving optimal results for our clients is reflected in the performance-based remuneration structure adopted by inspiring development: the ongoing services are provided for fees that basically cover the company’s costs, while our profit is a function of the value gain achieved for the investor.