Technical Consultancy


In their role as technical consultants, inspiring development’s experts

  • Provide proven strategies, methodologies and know-how to the company’s clients, and
  • Back this up with comprehensive assistance during implementation

Our expertise in the provision of technical consultancy services and functional support covers all areas of activity within a financial institution:

graphic technical consultancy

Regardless of the assignment, we always aim for solutions which

  • are compatible with the essential characteristics of the client’s operation and the existing institutional culture
  • are practicable, i.e. can be implemented with the available resources
  • are truly relevant to the institution’s needs and result in lasting improvements

Our own experience has shown that technical consultancy services in many areas have the potential to add long-term value to our clients’ businesses. Key areas include:

Business Development
  • Client segmentation
  • Product development
  • Distribution strategy
Lending and Credit Risk
  • Lending methodology for micro, SME and agricultural customers
  • Lending cycle optimization
  • Credit risk classification systems
  • Problem loan management, including restructuring
  • Asset-liability management
  • Cost accounting and profitability analysis
Internal Audit
  • Process audit technology
  • Reporting quality
  • Risk classification of audit findings
Risk Management
  • Operational risk indicators
  • Quantification of market risks
  • Fraud prevention