In the area of training, inspiring development

  • Creates competencies that lead to tangible improvements in the institution’s day-to-day business operations
  • Builds local training capacity that serves as a basis for sustainable staff development

Staff development and systematic training have a major impact on the performance of an institution. At all levels, training has the obvious operational benefit of providing better qualified staff; well-trained employees will have the skills they need to do their jobs properly, thus enabling them to achieve better results in their work. In addition, offering employees training has a strong motivational impact: by allowing them to “grow with their tasks”, i.e. to develop professionally as they take on progressively more challenging roles, it shows them that they have solid opportunities for advancement within the company and makes them welcome such opportunities. This in turn helps strengthen their commitment to their work and their loyalty to the organization.

Our team of experts who provide training services consists of former executives and line managers with extensive operational experience and a strong track record in the area of training and staff development. They have conducted training courses and workshops at various professional levels – induction, specialized technical and middle-manager training – and for employees in many functional areas. Their training style is highly interactive and participatory. The content is designed to be relevant and readily applicable.

In addition to conducting training measures ourselves, we assist our clients in enhancing their internal staff development capacity by furnishing overall training concepts, training modules and practical support for

  • Induction training for new staff
  • Systematic technical training for loan officers, client advisers, etc.
  • Professional development programs for middle management staff and branch managers


As trainers, we focus on the following areas:

Branch manager training

Training objectivesTo equip the participants to run a branch successfully, as measured by the results of lending, deposit and banking services operations; to organize their branches efficiently; and to train and motivate their staff.

Micro lending

Training objectivesTo acquaint managers with the principles of a highly efficient micro lending business, based on clear customer profiles, targeted products and a quick, standardized lending process.

To train loan officers to efficiently carry out the various tasks involved in client acquisition, loan analysis and loan processing while at the same time ensuring sound risk analysis.

SME lending and business development

Training objectivesTo familiarize managers and business client advisers with the strategy and building blocks required to establish a sound, profitable SME business based on long-term client relationships – one which can contribute significantly to the development of the institution’s loan portfolio, customer funds and transaction business.

Credit risk, portfolio management and problem loans

Training objectivesTo impart to staff the skills and knowledge they need to perform a thorough, rigorous credit analysis; to identify problem loans early on; and to manage such exposures successfully.

To provide the know-how required to implement an efficient and effective process of overall portfolio management.

Operational risk and fraud prevention

Training objectivesTo enable the participants to utilize effective strategies and systems to prevent, detect and manage operational risk and minimize fraud-related losses.

Internal audit

Training objectivesTo provide audit staff with the tools and know-how needed to ensure that the institution has an efficient and reliable audit function which delivers systematic, risk based process auditing.